Gazing into the Wastelands

It’s the last day of March. I have a novella and a novelette out in the world. I’m ahead of the plan.

Despite my ever-present disappointment at the amount of work I put into writing, I’m actually pretty pleased with myself. Putting in the time and effort to achieve the first phase of this year’s goals feels great. To have actually made some sales during the first few days after publication feels absolutely amazing!

Still, laurels are for emperors to wear, not writers to sit on.

My plan for this year is to produce 4 novellas in total, one every three months. Although I managed the majority of this year’s work between Feb 14th and March 27th, I’m sticking with the original time scale. Yes, I could say I have set myself a precedent and expect 30k words each and every month, but that’d be outright daft. When I set myself the challenge of writing 17.5k words in 24hrs, there’s no way on Earth that I expected to succeed. All though my opinion may change in the future, I’m putting that experiment down to an adrenaline-fueled fluke.

So, what’s the next goal? Well, I said I’d probably fit something different between the installments of Mona Kit’s adventures but the story is just growing in my brain. I’d like to expand upon the characters, make more of the ideas in my head and explore the world a little more. With that in mind, I’m looking to have another Nukelandia novella out by the end of June this year. If I have any free time outside of that, well, I’ll just have to keep my mind open and my fingers typing.

That’s it for now. Thanks for taking the time to read, and if you enjoyed the adventures in Scavenger Hunt, please feel free to hang around for the next installment.


Busy Bank Holiday

February 14th this year I decided to see if I could write a novella in 24hrs. If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll already know that although I managed to churn out over 17,500 words in a 12 hour sitting, I didn’t actually finish the story. I took it both as a win and a loss (although I have to admit it mostly felt like a loss).

Here I am, a month and a half later with not one but two shiny new e-books available through Amazon. My original intention was to write and self-publish one novella-length work every three months, so I’m actually ahead of the game. I’m quite happy with this turn of events, although I have to admit I’m already beating myself up for not having outlined my next project, but I guess that just comes from being a writer.

Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out either of the books, you can take a look at them here.

Stealth in the Wastelands

Twenty minutes ago, I typed ‘The End’ on the first Nukelandia story. I know I said I’d chucked it on the already roaring fire of failed manuscripts, but after my last little hissy fit, I went ahead and finished it anyway.

Writers, eh?

Since I started the thing on Feb 14th, it’s taken me a solid month to churn out just under 30k words. That seems a little ridiculous considering the first 17.5k were done on Valentines Day (because I’m clearly a loser).

I mentioned on my ‘what I learned’ post that not having a decent outline had been a stumbling block and because of that I totally lost the story’s direction. That loss of direction actually cost me a week in procrastination and, eventually, lead to me cutting a whopping 9k words.

Considering that number was over half of my efforts, the decision to excise them fair on broke my little heart.

Now the thing is finished, I’ve realised that although the outline was lacking, my biggest crime was not having a solid ending. Sure, I had a vague, smokey idea of where things were going, that Mona would do this thing at the end and blah blah bah. The problem was that I hadn’t spent enough time working out *exactly* where things were headed. This little omission left her plunging onward with little-to-no clue of her final destination. I knew she had to do something, but without knowing how hot the oven has to be and how long I need to leave door closed, she was never going to bake a decent cake (Crappy analogy? Sorry about that).

I have mentioned that I rushed the outlining process due to time constraints (self-inflicted, of course). Thing is, I usually work from the middle when plotting, move to the start *then* work out the ending. From this little experiment, I think I’ll change that and will go middle-end-beginning. Hopefully, that will keep me on track and stop the massive extermination of poor, innocent words.

Still, the first draft is wrapped up. Mona Kit has done her thing with the freaky Badland muties and everything turned out (not quite) rosy. I have some ideas of what to do with her next. She’s been too fun writing just to leave it at one book and there’s always consequences to her actions. Of course, I’ll have to edit the current manuscript before I do anything with it, and I’ve got some other ideas I want to play with before I let her out of the cage again, but she’ll be back.