I’ve never been a runner. A swimmer, sure. I’ve done a lot of swimming. I swam a couple of miles for charity and I used to be quite good. I did a bit of judo, even won a couple of medals at club level, so you could say I was okay at that once too.
 I’ve never been a runner though. I did that 5k thing once, but I wasn’t really running on account of the woollen Santa costume and a beer barrel brim-filled with small change. Six guys were going to walk it around the track. One dropped out. I was asked to step in on the day.

You could say as a runner I suck. Every jelly-legged step I take sucks. My ability to run up hill, and it’s pretty rolling here, sucks. My heaving, four-months-off-a-23-year-smoking-habit-lungs can just about suck. 

Opting for less than the full 10k would have sucked. I could have managed a 5k run with minimal training, and the 2.5 would have sucked so hard staying in bed would have been a less sucky option.

So I suck at running. There’s only one answer. When I feel like hammering out a couple more words to avoid the trails, suck it up and pull my shoes on. When my ribs are tied tight with stitch, suck in another lungful of air and throw out another stride. When I go for longer than my training plan requires, even if it’s just by one minute, suck up that glory and keep it tight in my chest for inspiration on the next run.

Yeah, I suck at running. Everything sucks at the beginning. I’m damned sure I’m going to suck it up and deal with it.


Maximum Effort

It’s been about a week since I started jumping out of bed and breaking a sweat before a quick pre-work writing fest and I have to say it’s not only improved my word count, it’s also giving my mornings a boost that I don’t get from a gallon of coffee.

Although I stopped updating exact numbers here (I figured you’d all get bored), I’ve not only improved on the reps per set of my workout (bodyweight exercises), but I’m now hovering around either edge of the 500 word mark per morning.

This is pretty exciting stuff! Not only am I doubling my previous daily word count (I write in the evenings too), but I’m also filled with energy and find the hour-plus forest based doggy hikes a world easier than I did before this experiment. In fact, I’m feeling so good, I’m trying something new!

Local to me, there’s a cross-country 10k run in early September and, since I’m cracking on with the bodyweight stuff, I figured it may be worth a go. Although I can’t run a bath without panting, I’ve paid my money and put my name down so for the next eight weeks I’ll be alternating between running and yoga (on top of the morning stuff).

As I’m pretty excited about the whole thing, I’m going to start journaling my little adventure here. Also, with any luck, I’ll manage to throw a few more posts about the writing down too.

Bad Show, Grimaldi

Okay, we’re a couple of days into July. The sun’s shining, the birds are singing and my nose is about as red as can be from spending hours in the woods with my best buddy (a little puggle dog imaginatively called Pug-pug). Also, I’ve once again left it a month since I’ve posted here.Bad Grimaldi, Bad!

As I’ve mentioned before, when the sun shines and the beer garden calls the work load from my day job shoots through the roof. It’s a shame because I’d much rather spend my time hammering out words and sipping pints than I would attending to ‘the other business’. I guess that’s just the joys of being alive.

Since I’m so busy (a bit) and enjoying the blooms of a budding romance (a lot), I’ve not really been slamming my fingertips into the keyboard with my usual abandon. In fact, I’ve been writing so little, a certain lady has noticed. In fact, she’s noticed so much that I received a good telling off a couple of weeks ago about my current word count.

Trembling at the prospect of another good rollicking, I’ve managed to sit myself at my desk and get some words down. Refugee (part 2 of the Mona Kit stories) now has over 8 thousand words of meat and should hopefully be finished in the near future.

I’ve also received some feedback from Scavenger Hunt (Mona’s first outing). Apparently, the lay-out (part 1, part 2, etc.) isn’t so popular. It’s so unpopular, in fact, that I’ve decided to redo it with traditional chapters.

Although that puts a little extra work on my already overflowing plate, I’m extremely grateful for the feed back. Other than the formatting thing, the response has been pretty amazing, so thanks to anyone who’s bought any of my work and a big, fat, sloppy thanks to you guys who’ve given me your feedback.

Right, I’m off to enjoy the sunshine and I hope you all get a chance to too.