Happy Epileptic Lust Plague Day

Of all the bullshit festivals that are pushed annually in an effort to part us from our hard-earned, this is the one I hate most.  Not only was the ‘celebration’ first mentioned by that professional fibber Chaucer, but it only really came to prominence in the 19th century. Two guys who had nothing better to do with their time wanted to Christianise an ancient mid-february pagan festival (possibly Imbolc but I don’t read about that stuff anymore) and decided to go for some fruity love fool as champion. 

Okay, I might just be sore that Saint V’s other areas of influence were ignored. I’m pretty convinced that we’d all be happier celebrating plague and epilepsy. Hell, happy loved up zombie day would sit just fine in my calendar. Of course, my gears might be grinding because it was a year ago todau that I punched out 17.5k words on Scavenger Hunt.

I haven’t really written squat since then. All the excuses in the world could fly from my fingertips but honesty is the best policy (unless it isn’t) so I’ll just admit I’ve been lazy.

Something about the mid February love up must be in the air though. Yesterday I punched out an outline for a bit of sword and sorcery fic set in a kind of (but not identical to) Hyborean world. It’s darker than my usual spec fic and (at present) will provably cover at least three books. I’ve got to get this first one done by the end of thr month as there’s a toad in Mongolia waiting for a read.

Anyway, belated happy new year. I’m off to walk the dog.