Big Fat Stinky Excuses

I said I’d get Stark Truths (or whatever) finished by this evening. I said I’d have it wrapped up and ready to go tonight (despite having no cover designed as yet). I said I was awesome. I’m a big fat stinky liar.

Yep, I’m roughly one scene away from project completion (except the cover thing) and I’m calling it for the night. I could tell you that I work a manual job, it’s been a hard day and that I’m tired. I could rattle off the number of unexpected social engagement that sucked up writing hours over the weekend. I could just admit that I’m a lazy blob of lard and logging on to WoW seems like a better use of my time than writing. I could tell you all that, and I guess I just did.

I’m tired and I’m going to need a day’s extension and that’s going to make the Sand Dragon cry.


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