Big Mama

I think I mentioned that Wolf Mama was originally set to be a short story. If I did, then I also mentioned that it’s grown into something more resembling a novella. Well, since I use Randy Ingermanson’s (sorry if I misspelt that) Snowflake method when I outline (it’s never let me down), I’ve reached the stage where I’m brainstorming scenes and, let me tell you, there’s loads of them!

I’m not saying I’m heading into novel length territory (I’m heading into novel length territory), but there is some pretty serious meat on Clata Tao’s bones! The character list has expanded and I’ve hashed out a couple of sub-plots that will keep the story moving whilst fleshing out the Weird West and the characters therein. Turns out Clara’s not the only parent who has lost a kid and the other guy’s empathy plays a big part in helping Clara out.

Anyway, I’m more excited about this one than I was with Copper Jacket (my favourite piece to date), so if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work.



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