I’m off to get another brew

Two hours in and chapter one is done. That sentence feels pretty good, but I know for a fact I write at twice that speed when I have an outline to play with. Writing without one is clunky and stilted, like that time I was flying freight in the R'tari system and had to utilize … Continue reading I’m off to get another brew


I’m gunna need more coffee

Morning Chinchilladors, I've got an unexpected day off on my hands. That's no great shakes when you run a business. I've been thinking about sitting around moping (okay, I have been sitting about moping), but it's a complete waste of time and I got the bills to pay. It's been eight months since I churned … Continue reading I’m gunna need more coffee


The flash challenge this week went something along the lines of 'throw a corpse into the first paragraph'. What I finally came up with is nothing like my initial ideas. Anyway, here it is... Corpse: The corpse lays spreadeagled in her trailer. Bare-backed, bloated and face-down, she knows his face will be rictus-twisted and plastered … Continue reading Corpse